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Funny and Weird Country Laws

– All married women must get their husband’s permission if they wish to have a job.

– You must pay a fine of $600 in Thailand if you’re caught throwing away chewed bubble gum on the sidewalk.

– Cars whose license plates end with a 1 or 2 are not allowed on the roads on Monday, 3 or 4 on Tuesday, 5 or 6 on Wednesday, 7 or 8 on Thursday, and 9 or 0 on Friday.

– Clothes may not be hung to dry on Sunday.
– It is illegal to flush the toilet after 10 P.M.

South Korea
– Traffic police are required to report all bribes that they receive from motorists.

– The sale of gum is prohibited.
– Cigarettes are illegal at all public places.
– Oral sex is illegal unless it is used as a form of foreplay.

– Divorces are outlawed.
– It is illegal to be drunk on Licensed Premises (in a pub or bar).
– Placing a postage stamp that bears the Queen (or King) upside down is considered treason.
– Damaging the grass is illegal.

– Licenses must be bought in order to own television sets and VCRs.

– Children may not purchase cigarettes, but can smoke them.
– You may never leave your car keys in an unattended vehicle.
– It is illegal to roam the streets wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face as these items are the tools of a cat burglar.
– It is illegal to read someone’s tarot, or give them a psychic reading as these are forms of witchcraft.
– Under Australian Communications Authority (ACA) regulations, your modem can’t pick up on the first ring. If it does, the ACA permit for your modem is invalid and there’s a $12000 fine. –
Telecommunications Act 1991

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