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Series on Funny Laws of United States – Alabama

I am starting a series of posts where I will list all the funny & weird laws existing in The United States of America. Each post will have the laws existing to a particular state.

Alabama Funny Laws:-

– It is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle.
– Dominoes may not be played on Sunday.
– It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church.
– Bear wrestling matches are prohibited.
– Incestuous marriages are legal.
– It is illegal to impersonate a person of the clergy.
– It is illegal to maim oneself to escape duty.
– It is illegal to stab yourself to gain someone’s pity.
– You may not drive barefooted.
– Putting salt on a railroad track may be punishable by death.
– Boogers may not be flicked into the wind.
– It is legal to drive the wrong way down a one-way street if you have a lantern attached to the front of your automobile.
– You must have windshield wipers on your car.
– You may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time.
– Masks may not be worn in public.
– Women are able to retain all property they owned prior to marriage in the case of divorce. However, this provision does not apply to men.
– Men may not spit in front of the opposite sex

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