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Use Docstoc to Share and Discover Documents online

Docstoc is the premier online community to find and share professional documents. Docstoc provides the platform for users and businesses to upload and share their documents with all the world, and serves as a vast repository of documents in variety of categories including legal, business, financial, technology, educational, and creative. All documents on docstoc can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded for free.

The main idea behind Docstoc (beta) is to be a warehouse for all forms of documents, want to find an NDA doc, go to Docstoc (beta), need a rental contract on short notice, Docstoc (beta) it. Basically every thing I tried to find I was able too find including incorporation paperwork for start up businesses.

Categories of Documents
As mentioned, Docstoc is geared towards professional documents, so you will find various document types under the following categories:
* legal
* business
* financial
* technology
* educational
* creative

Document Filtering
You can filter the documents that you view by either document type or language. Examples of document types you can view include:
* Adobe PDF
* MS Word
* MS PowerPoint
* MS Excel
* Rich Text Format
* Plain Text

Using Docstoc as File Storage
Once you create an account, you can begin uploading your documents. At this point there is no limit on how many documents can be uploaded. And because you have the option of keeping your documents private, Docstoc could potentially be a solution for backing up your documents. They did say that at some point in the future, they might have to put a limit on the number of documents people can store, but for now it remains unlimited.

Docstoc OneClick
Docstoc wanted to make it easy for users to email large documents without needing to attach files. Their solution for this is Docstoc OneClick. Once you download the OneClick application (for Windows only, unfortunately), you will be able to right click on supported file types and choose the option to email them (either as private or public). They do limit you to 50mb in size per document.

Sounds interesting already? Docstoc provides an interesting solution for the blog owners as well for sharing documents in several popular formats (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt) with the blog readers. Embedding the document in the blog or Web Site is easy as ABC. The entire process consists from five steps:

1. Upload your document to Docstoc Web Site, or find a document already residing in your Docstoc
account, or any other public accounts. You can even upload document anonymously, if you do not feel
like register or login.
2. Get to the page where the document is uploaded.
3. Find the embed code on the right from the document display page and copy the code inside the box in
4. Change the embedded object settings if needed (for example, box display box dimensions).
5. Embed the code on your blog or Web Site.
Read more about it at Docstoc Blog.

Overall Opinion…
Docstoc does a decent job of providing users a place to find and share documents. They’ve got a community rating and comment system that could potentially be useful, but it doesn’t get used nearly enough. Whether you are looking for a sample contract, a budget planner, or a term paper, Docstoc does a pretty good job of helping users find the documents they need online.

Watch a Docstoc Tutorial on YouTube:

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