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Various Artist – iRelax: Leaving the Workday Behind

Pause, let go of the events of the day and enter your evening better prepared to enjoy the people and activities that give you pleasure. Enjoying your life is good for you and good for the world.

Taking a relaxing pause between day and evening gives the conscious brain the message that it can let go now and allow the unconscious to offer creative solutions. As you listen to the music, it’s good to be aware of your breathing. Exhale and let the events of the day drift away. Inhale and drop your awareness from your head down into your heart. Exhale and let go of any tension, stress or worry you might be holding. Inhale and drop deeper into your solar plexus where you can get a clearer sense of how you would like to spend the coming evening, a few hours that are yours. What would you most enjoy doing? What would be pleasurable? Then, refreshed and renewed, step into this evening you have imagined.

A nice compilation of songs from some of the best new age instrumentalists out there, iRelax: Leaving the Workday Behind takes 12 tracks from 11 different artists.

01. Dreamland Crescendo – Back to Earth
02. Bathed in Dawn’s Light – Kevin Kern
03. Flowing Bamboo – Karunesh
04. Pachelbel’s Canon (a variation in “C”) Hilary Stagg
05. African Princess – Back to Earth
06. Romancing the Moon – 2002
07. Blossoms Falling Like Snow – Gandalf
08. Turquoise Galleon – Govi
09. Whispers in the Dark – Yanni, performed – Danny Wright
10. Sometime – Bernward Koch
11. Eldorado – Peter Sterling
12. Passage into Midnight – Omar

Original Release Date: October 24, 2006
Size: 99,2 MB (MP3 Tracks)

Download Link: Rapidshare

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