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Series on Funny Laws of United States – Delaware

Delaware Funny Laws:-

– “R” rated movies shall not be shown at drive-in theaters.
– It is illegal to fly over anybody of water, unless one is carrying sufficient supplies of food and drink.
– Horse racing is not allowed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
– You may not get married on a dare.
– You may not sell dead people for money without a license.

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Dress up your Firefox

Mozilla has now devised a Web application called “Fashion your Firefox” that allows Firefox users to dress up the web browser with their favorite add-ons.

It is a tool meant to customize the Firefox browser based on users’ interests and online activities. Fashion Your Firefox simplifies this by allowing users to select add-ons that they need with just one click.

Mozilla defines the ‘fashioning’ the Firefox bit in the following way:

Fashion Your Firefox refers to the application’s ability to customize, tailor, and “fashion” your Firefox to best suit your daily activities online.

Mozilla currently has 9 sets of interestingly named Firefox extensions with their description below them. Some of them are: Social Butterfly (for social networks), Shutterbug (for viewing and sharing images and videos online), Rock Star (for music), and so on.

To add multiple add-ons to your Firefox, users can select add-ons in categories that are interesting to them. Click the “I want this add-on!” button and select the adjacent “Click here to install them” link. Users will then be prompted to confirm their choices, and your browser will restart with the selections added to your Firefox, without having to add them individually.

Fashion your Firefox is currently available in English, only for Firefox 3. Start dressing up your Firefox here.

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Popular Internet Lingo

1337 (written in ASCII) – From the word Leet, derived from the word elite
2 – too, or to
4 – For

AFAICR/S/T – As far as I can recall / remember / see / tel
AFAIK – As far as I know
AFK – Away from keyboard
ANFSCD – And Now For Something Completely Different. Used to change the subject of conversation.
ASAP – As soon as possible
ASL – Age / sex / location
ATEOTD – At The End of the Day
ATM – At the moment
AWOL – Absent Without (Official) Leave
AYBABTU (also abbreviated as AYB) – All your base are belong to us (from the video game Zero Wing)

B2B – Business to Business
B& and/or B7- Banned
BBIAB – Be back in a bit
BBL/S – Be back later / shortly / soon
BCNU – Be seein’ you
Blog – Also known as web log or an online journal
BOFH – ~censored~ operator from hell
Bot – Any type of automated software in chat rooms and web-cataloging software
BRB – Be right back
BSOD – Blue Screen of Death
BTDT – Been there done that
BTW – By the way
Bump – Increment (For example, C’s ++ operator.)or a acronym for “Bring Up My Post”

Crawl – To retrieve a web page along with the hyperlinks that reference it
Crapplet – A poorly written computer application
CU – See you (later)
CYA – See ya OR Cover Your Ass
Cyber (prefix) – A term used to connect the subsequent word loosely to the world of computers or the Internet or sex over a computer

DFTT – Don’t feed the trolls
DGAF – Don’t Give A F***
DIAF – Die in a fire
DILLIGAF/D/S – Does it look like I give a flip / F*** / damn / ~love~
DND – Do not disturb
DOA – Dead on arrival. Refers to hardware that is broken on delivery.

EOF – End Of File
EOM – End of Message
EOL – End of Life. Device or hardware, that is at the end of its life cycle.
EQ – Ever Quest
ETA – Estimated time of arrival

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question(s)
FFS – For F***’s sake
Flamer – Someone who makes inflammatory, abusive or directly offensive comments.
FMCDH – From My Cold Dead Hands
FOAD – F*** off and die
FOAF – Friend of a friend
FTL – For the loss
FTW – For the win
FU – F*** You
FUBAR – F***** up beyond all recognition / repair (from military slang; pronounced “foo-bar”)
FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (the purposeful spread of misinformation)
FWIW – For what it’s worth
FYI – For your information

GBTW – Get back to work
GF – Great/good fight/girlfriend
GFU – Good for you
GFY – Go F*** yourself
GG – Good game, used at or near the conclusion of a gaming match
GJ – Good job, often used in online gaming when a teammate performs an act benefiting his team, such as killing an opponent or enabling that kill
GMTA – Great minds think alike
Godwin’s Law – Dictates that the longer a thread, the more likely someone will post a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler
Gratz – Congratulations
GTFO – Get the F*** out
GTG or G2G – ‘Got to go’ or ‘Good to go’
GR -Good Race
GR8 – Great

HAND – Have A Nice Day
Handle – Name used in online chat, (AKA nick(name), alias, screen/user name)
HF – Have fun
Haxor or H4×0r (1337) – Hacker
Hit – A request made to the web server, (noun) the results of an internet search, (verb) loading a Web page. Hits are not equivalent to visitors of a webpage.
Homepage – The website’s introduction page, starting point, and guide. The technical term is “index”
Hot list – A collection of publicly available URLs (World Wide Web site addresses), sometimes available as text files.
HTH – Hope this / that helps
H8 – Hate

IANAL – I am not a lawyer
IBTL – In before the lock
IDC – I don’t care
IDK – I don’t know
IIRC – If I recall / remember correctly
IIUC – If I understand correctly
IMO/IMHO/IMNSHO/IMAO – In my (humble / honest / not so humble / arrogant) opinion
Information superhighway – The Internet (AKA: I-way, Infobahn)
IONO – I don’t know
IOW – In other words
IRC – Internet Relay Chat
IRL – In real life
ITYM – I Think You Mean
IWSN – I want sex now
IYKWIM – If you know what I mean

Jaggy – Aliased computer graphics
JK or j/k – Just kidding, or joke
JFGI – Just F******/Freaking Google It

k or kk – OK
KISS – Keep it simple stupid.
KS(ing) – Kill-Steal(ing)
KOS – Kill on sight
KTHX – OK, thanks
KTHXBAI or KTHXBYE – OK, thanks, goodbye, used either to cut short a conversation or to express displeasure with being cut short

L2P – Learn to play; an admonishment to MMORPG players who are incompetent and/or whine
L8R – Later, L8R also sometimes abbreviated as L8ER is commonly used in chat rooms and other text based communications as a way of saying good bye.
Lag – Slang term for slow Internet speeds or high Internet latency; Lag is sometimes due to a server problem, but more frequently due to the connection between client and server. A slow or intermittent connection may often be referred to as laggy
Lamer – A know-nothing, one who is lame.
Leet – Often spelled as l33t or 1337 in ASCII form. It originally meant elite
LFG – Looking for group
LFM – Looking for more
LM(F)AO – Laughing my (frigging) ass off
LMIRL – Let’s meet in real life.
LMK – Let me know
LOL – Laughing out loud, laugh out loud
LTNS – Long time no see
Lurker – Someone who frequents a Usenet group without participating in discussions

MMORPG, MMO – Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game
MMOFPS – Massive Multi-player Online First Person Shooter
MOTD – Message of the day
MS – Maple Story, an MMORPG
MTFBWY – May The Force be with you
MUD – Multi-User Dungeon
MUSH – Multi-User Shared Hallucination
MYOB – Mind your own business
M8 – Mate

NE1 – “Anyone”
NFI – “No F****** Idea”
Newbie, noob, or n00b – An inexperienced user of a system or game, or an annoying person.
NIFOC – Naked In Front Of Computer
NM – (Sometimes written N/M) Not much, Never mind or no message, used on message boards or in e-mails to indicate that everything is already said in the subject line.
NP – No problem
NSFW – Not safe for work. Warning about content, may get the viewer in trouble with his employer or co-workers.
NVM, NVMD, or nm – Nevermind, not much

O RLY – Oh really?
OIC – Oh, I see
OFN – Old F****** news
OMG – Oh my god
OMFG – Oh my F****** god
OMW – On my way or Oh my word
OP – Original poster / Operator / Outpost
OS – Operating system
OT – Off topic
OTOH – On the other hand
OTP – On the phone or One true pairing

P2P – Peer to peer, or pay to play
PAW – Parents are watching
PEBKAC/PEBCAK – Problem exists between keyboard and chair
Ping – From the popular network monitoring tool, used as a greeting similar to “Are you there?”.
PITA – Pain in the arse / ass
PLMK – Please let me know
PMSL – Pissing myself laughing
POS – Piece of ~love~, or parent over shoulder.
POTS – Plain old telephone service
POV – Point of view
PPL – People
PTKFGS – Punch the Keys For God’s Sake
pr0n – Intentional misspelling of porn
PW – Persistent World (gaming)
pwned – Intentional misspelling of owned

QFT – Quoted for truth. Used on internet message boards to show agreement from a previous message

Rehi (or merely re) – Hello again
RL – Real Life
RO(T)FL – Rolling on (the) floor laughing
RO(T)FLMAO – Rolling on (the) floor laughing my ass off
RO(T)FLOL – Rolling on (the) floor laughing out loud
RSN – Real soon now (used sarcastically)
RTFB – Read the F****** binary (or book)
RTFS – Read the F****** source
RTFM/RTM – Read the (F******) manual

SCNR – Sorry, could not resist
sk8/sk8r – skate/skater
Smiley – Another name for emoticons
SMH – Shaking my head
SNAFU – Situation normal: all (F*****/fouled) up
Snail mail – Normal paper mail service
SOHF – Sense of humor failure
Spider – The program behind a search engine
STFU – Shut the F*** up
STFW – Search the F****** web

TANSTAAFL – There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch
TBF – Time between failures
TBH – To be honest
TG – That’s great
TGIF – Thank god it’s Friday
TH(N)X, TNX or TX – Thanks
TIA – Thanks in advance
TINC – There Is No Cabal, a term discouraging conspiracy theories
TMI – Too much information
TOS – Terms of service
TTBOMK – To the best of my knowledge
TTFN – Ta ta for now
TTT – To the top, used in forums to bump a thread
TTYL – Talk to you later (also spelled TTUL, T2UL or T2YL)
TTYTT – To Tell You The Truth
TW –
Tweedler – One who has deep love for all computer related technology and gadgets
TWIMC – To Whom It May Concern
TY – Thank you
TYT – Take your time
TYVM – Thank you very much

U – You
UTFSE – Use the F****** search engine

w00t, w00T or WOOT – First two express exuberance, the latter is a acronym for the term “We Own the Other Team”.
W/ or W/O – With or without
WB – Welcome back
W/E – Whatever
WRT – With respect / regard to
WTB – Want to buy
WTF – What the F***
WTG – Way to go
WTH – What the hell
WTS – Want to sell
WTT – Want to trade
WUG – What you got?
WoW – World of Warcraft (game)
WUBU2 – What (have) you been up to?
WUU2 – What (are) you up to?
WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get
W8 – Wait

YARLY – Yeah Really
YHBT – You have been trolled
YKW – You know what?
YMMV – Your mileage may vary.
YTMND – You’re The Man Now, Dog
YW – You’re welcome.
YOYO- You’re On Your Own.


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Series on Funny Laws of United States – Connecticut

Connecticut Funny Laws:-

– Town records may not be kept where liquor is sold.
– You can be stopped by the police for biking over 65 miles per hour.
– In order for a pickle to officially be considered a pickle, it must bounce.
– It is illegal to dispose of used razor blades.
– You cannot buy any alcohol after 9pm or after noon on Sunday.
– It is illegal to discharge a firearm from a public highway.
– The marriage of imbeciles and feeble-minded persons is prohibited.
– No one may use a white cane, unless they are blind.

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