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Dress up your Firefox

Mozilla has now devised a Web application called “Fashion your Firefox” that allows Firefox users to dress up the web browser with their favorite add-ons.

It is a tool meant to customize the Firefox browser based on users’ interests and online activities. Fashion Your Firefox simplifies this by allowing users to select add-ons that they need with just one click.

Mozilla defines the ‘fashioning’ the Firefox bit in the following way:

Fashion Your Firefox refers to the application’s ability to customize, tailor, and “fashion” your Firefox to best suit your daily activities online.

Mozilla currently has 9 sets of interestingly named Firefox extensions with their description below them. Some of them are: Social Butterfly (for social networks), Shutterbug (for viewing and sharing images and videos online), Rock Star (for music), and so on.

To add multiple add-ons to your Firefox, users can select add-ons in categories that are interesting to them. Click the “I want this add-on!” button and select the adjacent “Click here to install them” link. Users will then be prompted to confirm their choices, and your browser will restart with the selections added to your Firefox, without having to add them individually.

Fashion your Firefox is currently available in English, only for Firefox 3. Start dressing up your Firefox here.

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