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Make your Windows look like Mac OSX

Did you ever wish you had a Mac, just because the way it looked? Forget about skinning Vista to look like Windows 7, instead get the Big Daddy of Looks – Mac OSX! No I’m not suggesting junking your Windows box, keep it, but make it look like Mac OSX.


This freeware Windows-only app is a clone of Mac OS X’s Expose for XP and Vista. So what’s so special about this when other Expose clones have done the same? Other than Expose, you get interactive previews, hot corners, multi-monitor support and more. The best part is DExposE2 comes in both portable and installable flavors, so you can check it out with a quick download and installation is not necessary.

Download Page (Both Installable & Portable)
DExposE2 User Reviews
Forum Page

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December 23, 2008 Posted by | Apple, Microsoft, Portable, Software, Technology | , , , | 5 Comments