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Google Phone – Soon showing in a store near you

A mobile telephone tailored to run on Google’s Android software made its debut in New York City on September 23rd.
US telecom carrier T-Mobile has unveiled on September 23 a “Google phone” built by Taiwanese firm HTC and will have the device for sale in stores as early as October.

Yes, World’s first Android-powered phone – Also called the GPhone or T-Mobile G1

Google is hoping Android will become the dominant operating system for mobile phones. It is designed to improve the speed and quality of   using the Internet on handsets.

Android is being developed as an “open source” platform, meaning anyone is free to use the technology to make mobile telephones compatible with the networks of multiple carriers.
Google announced Android plans late last year and analysts reacted by saying it could potentially transform the mobile telephone market by providing service supported by advertising instead of subscription fees.

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