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Is IPhone Nano coming this January?

The rumor mill seems unwilling to stop when it comes to iPhone and Apple is again in the headlines with the iPhone Nano popping.

Apple may unleash a smaller (and cheaper) handset in the not too distant future in order to grab a sect of market share not interested in the relatively pricey iPhone. iphone-nano

News bugs report that Apple’s long-awaited miniature version of the iPhone, combining the functionality of the 3G beast with an iPod Nano, has surfaced in China.

It’s also got dual-band GSM connectivity and dual SIM support (which is a big hit over in Asia) as well as a VGA camera, so it looks like these knock-off artists have slimmed down the phone’s specs as well.

However, there is some reason to believe that the iPhone Nano is coming, and it would make sense to use the two year anniversary of the original iPhone to make such an announcement.

So, if the iPhone Nano does land next month, then it wouldn’t be totally out of the blue… but don’t hold your breath.

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December 26, 2008 Posted by | Apple | , , , | 4 Comments