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Environment friendly Printing –

Now you can save money and environment by printing only what you want from a webpage. Most often you find your print to be full of ads, empty space, logos, images and other stuff you don’t want, but not the text you wanted to print.

Now here is an online service which will not only help you print what you like, but will also save money and be environment friendly. PrintWhatYouLike is a webpage editor that lets you control how webpages look when printed.

* Format any webpage for printing in seconds – no more pasting into Word
* Print webpages without whitespace, ads, graphics or other clutter
* Make printed web pages more readable by removing distractions
* Fix broken pages that don’t print correctly
* Save money on paper and ink and help save the environment

Try it here now!


There is also a Bookmarklet available for FireFox users.
Now go Decrease and limit your Environmental foot print – Zero Foot Printing!

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