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Get Your Twitter Feed into SQL Server with Tweet-SQL

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a Developer or SQL Server DBA, twitter-sqland you’re probably into Twitter, so you’re probably going to be interested in Rhys Campbell’s Tweet-SQL.

Tweet-SQL is a set of SQL Server stored procedures that let you work with the Open Source Twitter API just by writing T-SQL code. You can do things like:
* Get the list of people you’re following into a database
* Retrieve their messages into a table
* Analyze who’s following who, and figure out who you should be following
* Compile metrics about what’s going on out there

Tweet-SQL Features
* Simple deployment.
* Simple GUI for configuration.
* Stored Procedures for configuration changes with TSQL.
* Over 30 procedures to interact with the Twitter API.
* Flexible ways to deal with resultsets.
* No unfair licensing restricting you to a single Twitter account.
* Free updates for 1 year.

To get started, you’ll need a 30-day eval copy of Tweet-SQL. It’s free to evaluate, and costs £25 at this point of time.

The Twitter API is pretty darned powerful, and it enables you to do things like:
* Find out who your followers are following, which might be people you also find interesting
* Find influential people in your Twitter network
* Get recap reports of what links have been sent out recently, or what hot topics are out there
* Get peoples’ updates without actually following them directly
* Build a web-based equivalent to TweetDeck, with multiple user functionality

For sample scripts, check out SQLCLRNews, Rhys Campbell’s blog where he posts how-to examples for Tweet-SQL.

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