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Gmail Tips

Tip #1.  Every Gmail ID that you have is actually two separate IDs in one. For example; if your Gmail ID is, mails sent to either and will reach you. There is a usefulness that you can derive from this. Say you want to use just one email ID for all purposes: you can give to all your friends and use to register on websites, post on forums or place on a blog. Then you can create a filter; to deliver emails sent to to the inbox and the emails send to to a separate folder.

Tip #2.  Chances are that spam is not a really big problem with your Gmail ID. But if you’ve been careless and given away your ID to all and sundry, there is a little trick called ‘Gmail Plus IDs’ that you can use to nab the culprit who’s given away your ID. The theory is this; if your email ID is, all email sent to will also be delivered to your inbox. Now this is the sneaky part. Suppose you need to register at, put down your email ID as Similarly, if you have to register on, put down your email ID as Check your spam mail once in a while. If you get spam mail addressed to, you’ll know who gave away your email ID. What you do with that info is up to you.

If you still don’t have a Gmail account, click on the Image below.

GMail Logo

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