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Convert iPod Touch into iPhone

truphoneMany people who bought the iPod touch later regretted their decision as the iPhone, with similar performance but phone capabilities.  Fortunately a new piece of software has been released which comes at least some way to bridging the divide.

The Truphone currently only lets you ring other Truphone and Google talk users via a WiFi network. (So slightly more limited than an iPhone as you need an available connection)  This is all via VOIP so once you have converted your iPod Touch to an iPhone you will be able to make 100% free calls to other users Truphone.

Truphone have also announced that the app they have created to allow calls from an iPod Touch, will soon be able to make calls to landlines and mobiles, pricing structures are currently in discussion.

Truphone for the iPod Touch is free to download from the iTunes App Store and once you’ve installed it all you need to start making free calls on your iPod Touch is a headset with microphone and headphones, which you can buy at electronic retailers or the Apple Store.

Installation instruction for Truphone are given here.


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