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Use WiseStamp to add your Social Networking Signature – almost anywhere

Ever wondered how to add HTML signatures to your favorite webmail service? Well, now here is a way great way to add personalized signatures.

WiseStamp is a FireFox extension that lets you add a personalized signature on any webmail service such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL mail, and Hotmail. If that wasn’t super enough, it also allows you to add your signature to just about any webpage (as long as it supports HTML), such as Google Docs, Zoho Docs, etc.

But what really makes this plug-in cool is its integration with your social media plug-ins. You simply enter links to your social media profiles in the boxes provided and WiseStamp does the rest. Underneath your signature it will put a logo of the social media network on which the person reading your mail can simply click to view your profile. You can add your instant messaging handles too.

If you’re a blogger, you’ll love this part. Add your blogs RSS feed URL and WiseStamp will automatically enter your last post into the signature! Super Cool.. Isn’t it? If you don’t have a blog, you can do the same with your last Twitter update!

On top of it, you have 2 styles of signatures to configure to. You can create separate Personal & Business signatures as required.

Just download the WiseStamp Firefox extension and start making up your dream signature.

Take a Video Tour on how to use it:

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Get Access to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail from AOL

aolAOL has rolled out a new version of Web Mail with enhancements to compete with web-based email majors like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail. New plugins for connecting to third-party email rivals Gmail and Yahoo! Mail have been added along with a bunch of other new plugins. The AOL Sync function has been added and a plugin gallery has been rolled out.  Check out the new AOL Web Mail at the AOL Mail page.

New plugins will allow access to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail from the AOL Web Mail account. Following in Google’s footsteps of adding themes on Gmail, AOL now has added 45 new skins to their email. Microsoft had also added new themes to their Windows Live Mail.


The new plugin gallery will allow for one-click access to different services, and the platform is also open to third-party developers for developing more plugins for Web Mail.

Real-time update support to AOL Calendar and the Address book can now be provided though the desktop-based application or via wireless mobile devices.

The novelty of accessing Gmail and Yahoo! Mail from the AOL Web Mail account may appear cool at the moment, but let’s not overlook the security aspect of it. It’s too early to say whether these plugins are completely secure as AOL has opened their mail platform to third-party content and applications.

Create your Free AOL account here:  AOL Mail

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How To: Send Classified, Confidential Email over the Web

send_logo Send.™ is a free, easy-to-use email encryption service. It is Simple, Powerful & Secure way to send Top Secret information via email.

I don’t have much experience of sending encrypted emails, but as Send explains in the diagram below, it seems to be a cumbersome process.


What does Send.™ has to say :
It’s not that there aren’t other secure methods to send an email… It’s just that they’re too hard to use. We think everyone should be able to send a secure email…and we all have better things to do than spend an afternoon installing and configuring an encryption solution.

We don’t require you to maintain encryption keys – Though we think the public/private key method works, we also think it was created for geeks and technicians.

Send is compatible with all email solutions including web mail – Anyone with a browser and an internet connection can use Send.™ and, unlike other available solutions, Send requires no software downloads or additional system configuration.

The service is easy to use – We created Send because the previous process for sending secure messages was too difficult. Our studies suggest that people will not send encrypted messages if the process is even marginally more difficult than normal. Simply put…security is important, but cannot impede productivity.

Using Send for delivering an encrypted message is incredibly easy. Here’s how it works:
1. On, enter your email address, your recipients, a subject, your message, and any attachments (Max size allowed is 10MB) .

2. If this is the first time you are using the service, Send will require you to verify the sender address by sending you a confirmation message. You’ll also have to setup a password for using that account in the future.

3. Send your message

4. Recipients will receive the message and be required to open an attachment, which contains the encrypted message.

5. From the attachment, recipients click-thru back to Send, where they’ll also have to create an account.

6. Send decrypts the message and shows the contents to the recipient.

Simple enough! So start using Send.™

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Get the Shortest Emailid in the World with

The shortest Email id is here for you. is like yahoo although it is for Indians particularly. The site is a very fast loading one. With this new mail provider, you will be able to have email ids of your choice (only if you rush now) with very small length as possible. Imagine how short your email id would be if it is like Well, there are many things I like about this site:

Firstly, Your email Id will be very short. As the domain name is short ( your email can be a very short one. You can try Imagine how easy it would be to type your email. You won’t have to type lengthy ids anymore. This would make your internet experience comfortable and faster.

The 2nd thing is that loads quite fast – Very faster than sites of its kind. Well, the server speed is quite good and loads fast especially for Indians as the server is in India itself. So, if you are an Indian, you should get an id for yourself because is the best for Indians – Even faster than Gmail 🙂

Its the World’s shortest, coolest email id with 10 GB Storage. Get

One ID gives you access to a world of information & entertainment
Smart mailin
-Fast, 10GB mailbox
-Linked Messages to easily see email sequence
-Schedule mail to be sent later
-Enterprise-grade anti-spam and anti-virus

-Create your profile and share it with friends
-Make your own music playlists
-Collect your favorite items across the site

-Vote and promote your favorite news, blogs, videos etc.
-Make yourself heard by leaving comments as yourself

Inbuilt are various portals – News, Music, Videos, Games, Search, Shop & off course Email.
All of this is available at In.Com
Go get your In.Com ID now.

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