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Shock 3D for Windows

If you thought Microsoft’s Windows 7 desktop was cool, wait till you see Shock 3D, an OpenGL application that is under 3MB. The application turns all your icons/desktop into 3D, such that you can move them around like objects. 3D desktop action is not limited to only Linux or Windows 7 users anymore, see Shock 3D and you’ll know what I talking about.

A drawback of this app is that you cannot use your desktop normally as Shock 3D sits as a layer on top of your desktop. It is not a fully baked application to replace your desktop, but hey… give the developer a break !

Download Shock 3D

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Personas For Firefox – Dress Up Your Browser

personasEver wondered being able to change the colour and style of your Firefox browser at the click of a button, well thanks to the wonderful team at Mozilla Labs as its now possible. Personas are the new fantastic feature for Mozilla Firefox, change your browser to suit your current mood, feelings or personal taste without downloading individual skins. Personas are the new “light-weight” skins for internet users, offering simple designs that are simple to change when desired. All the changes to your browser are applied instantly with no restart required!

Getting Started With Personas
Personas are the newest feature straight from the Mozilla Labs. Personas are lightweight, easy-to-install and easy-to-change “skins” for your Firefox web browser. This latest feature has been introduced for several reasons:

* Themes today are hard to find, create and install.
* Who likes using the same theme everyday? Personas allow you to change your theme instantly.
* Personas can easily reflect your mood, feelings or hobbies.

Make Your Own Personas For Firefox
Firefox has always been an open source brower, meaning anybody can contribute to making firefox a better overall browser. Personas are no different and all the themes are designed by you the users. Anybody can make a personal Persona it is literally that simple.

Make a Persona featuring you, your favorite color, favorite past-time or even your pet! The options are endless. Personas can even be set to private if you don’t wish to share your personal styles.

Download Personas Add-on
View Personas Gallery
More: Fashion for Firefox

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Secure Yourself Against Conficker Worm

Windows OS users across the globe have been worried sick about the Conficker worm striking back on April 1,09.

Anti-virus and security solutions providing companies like Symantec, F-Secure, Avast! and others are however singing a relieved tune. That’s because they say they’re prepared to tackle it.

What’s this Conficker worm anyway?
The ‘C’ variant of Conficker worm, aka Downadup or Kido, infects Windows machines (XP and Vista) and disables them to get security updates or patches from Microsoft and from other vendors. According to Symantec, the creators of the worm will also start using a communications system that is more difficult for security researchers to interrupt.


(Image source: Wikimedia)

How will Conficker harm users?
While nobody knows what exactly Conficker will actually do, most likely, the worm will be used to create a botnet that will be rented out to criminals who want to send SPAM, steal IDs and direct users to online scams and phishing sites.

What can be done to protect a computer from this worm?
First of all, update your anti-virus software. Especially on April 1, make sure that it’s actually running when you start your computer. Secondly, make sure that you have the latest Windows security updates.

You should know:
1. Changing the date of your system will not help avoid this worm.
2. Keeping your computer shut on April 1 will also not help either.
3. The only way to get past this worm is by updating Windows and your anti-virus software.

Conficker History
The ‘B’ variant of the Conficker worm had created ruckus around January this year. By February, it had affected over 9 million Windows users worldwide. Perturbed by the virus, Microsoft had even announced to pay reward of $250,000 to any individual who’ll find out the culprits behind Conficker.

Last words
Before this April 1 — Don’t be a fool, download the security tool.

Some resources are listed here:

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Capture Screenshots with Ease

Gadwin PrintScreen v4.4 allows much more flexibility with that Print Screengadwin_printscreen button at the top of your keyboard. Usually when you hit the Print Screen button it loads the current screen into your clipboard. To save the image you have to open up an image-editing application, paste it, then save the file. Gadwin’s free PrintScreen streamlines this whole process. It resides in your System Tray, and you can set a number of options. When you hit print screen (or whichever button you specify in the settings), you can choose to save the screen directly to a specific folder. You can also choose to save just a window, or a specific area of the screen. The application also gives you the option of sending the screen capture directly to your printer or as an email, and it will even automatically resize the picture to specified dimensions. The image can be saved to disk as a file in 5 different graphics file formats (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif)

Gadwin PrintScreen Professional v4.5 combines the power of a gadwin_printscreenprofirst-class  screen capture application with an advanced image image editing and annotation utility – wrapped into one easy-to-use tool. Gadwin PrintScreen Professional is versatile and extremely easy-to-use. This is a paid version providing additional utility to edit the image at the same time.
System Requirements:
Gadwin PrintScreen requires Microsoft ® Windows 98/Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista, or Windows NT 4.0SP6.

WebSite: Gadwin Systems Inc.

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Fix and Update Drivers and Software Instantly !

drivercureParetoLogic DriverCure will automatically and instantly update all of your out-of-date drivers and software. This will result in a fully optimized PC that runs fast and error-free. DriverCure was developed by a talented team of over 100 professionals with an end goal of creating an application that is user-friendly and accomplishes the very crucial task of keeping your system up-to-date.

Download DriverCure now and update your entire PC in under 2 minutes!

ParetoLogic DriverCure offers these exciting benefits and features:
* Ensures your hardware devices and software are working well with the right driver
* Lets you know about the latest Vista and Windows drivers for your printer, scanner, media player, sound card, digital camera, graphics card, mouse, display and other hardware devices
* Email notification of when new drivers for your computer are available – You do not have to worry about the hassle of checking for new drivers
* Removes worries of lost disks – With ParetoLogic DriverCure, you can easily find the right driver without having the original disk
* Eliminates your risk of downloading a faulty driver or malware – The wrong driver or malicious code could cripple your PC
* Monitoring of a growing list of more than 4,000 software applications and over 3,000 hardware vendors
* A small footprint – ParetoLogic DriverCure will not take up a lot of your computer’s valuable memory
* Comprehensive technical support (24/7/365 – Free Product Support)

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